Saturday 15 June 2013

Digging out music

The awesome feeling when you discover a new song that is actually old or a band that is actually tugging on your heart's strings.
That feeling when you put the player on repeat and turn the volume to the maximum, closing your eyes and feeling their voices making their way in your chest, down towards the stomach and gripping it in an iron hand. It's a familiar thing that you've been waiting for ever since you discovered the band that sings the song. And it's not disappointing you. It even feels closer to you then any other song you've listened to.
It's THE song. For a couple of day anyway, 'cause then you find another one and the circle repeat itself.
I like old music, the old sounds. Those songs make me feel alive. They make me think normally.
For me, music is the air I breathe, the love I feel for the man of my dreams.

Today, MBLAQ proved why they are first in my heart no matter what. And that reason is called "If You Come Into My Heart", a 2010 track C-Luv re-arranged and performed together with the boys. Yeah, k-pop. Yeah, I'm a k-popper and will never be afraid or ashamed to admit it. Because just listening to their voices I realize that there's a reason why I came to discover their music, why my heart beats fast whenever I recognize their voices in a crowd.
To music, there's always a reason.
What's your reason for listening to your favourite group/genre?

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