Saturday 22 June 2013

I like

"Category B" books. They are those books selling very cheap, usually cliché and always having a happy ending. I like reading those kind of books, especially during the night. They ease my mind. They help me relax and forget that on my desk is a pile of philosophic books I really hate, but unfortunately have to read and comment.

Watching animated movies. Disney. Pixar. Anything. Anywhere. At any hour day or night. Why? Because I'm childish, because they're cute, because they usually tell in simple words or songs, what other movies struggle to tell through their entire plot. And there's always a scene or two that makes me laugh my ass off!

K-pop. That's the music of my life. Why? Because the language is like silk to my ears, because there are songs that tell my entire life in just three minutes. Because I like to anticipate a comeback, a concept, a concert. Because I like to dream about seeing a k-pop concert live someday. Because my ideal man is one of them. That's why I like k-pop. It inspires me more than nature, more than food (and trust me, I like to eat good food!).

Irish music. It's always so... fairytale-like. Always making my hands move along the rhythm, always making me wish I knew how to dance through the chorus. Because I'm an avid read and a dedicated writer and Irish music brings out the most twisted fantasy plots.

Food. I eat. I cook. I relax. I live. I get praised. That much the food holds for me.

Nail art. Simple, complicated, with characters done in brush, with stickers, with stripes, one colour, two, multicoloured... it's my passion. And no matter how much time it takes to pain one nail only, I still do it. It's fun!

And lastly, writing. It's the very essence of being - well, of being myself. Through writing I can be me, I can be who I want to be without waiting 1 year, 2 or 10. Through writing, I can show the world a vision of how I see the things around myself without being judged too much. Through writing, I live more intensely than any stuntman.

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