Saturday 12 May 2018


like a game of hide-and-seek
we let the covers fall
once more,
one last time

for under their cover,
within their darkness,
our breaths are held in
just for one more second - 

and side by side,
we lay on the floor
ceiling above -

it is silence we've asked
silence we're given

and with closed eyes 
we draw:
the universe,
infinite possibilities

but none of us,
none of you,
none of me,

eyelids flutter open
staring into space
fingers drum along
the rhythm to kill

my ribcage open
you reach in
my screaming soul
pitifully whispering... mercy!

oh, how they twist
and turn
and break 
and burn!

your fingers,
knuckle deep sunk
forcing me open 

I keep my eyes closed
the sounds of the universe
covering my screams
and it burns

and I am water
I sizzle 
when you

and you are fire
you tremble
when I

oh, the thrill of this,
this chase
where I am prey
and you, predator

until the sun rises
and my eyes open
and I, predator
eat you, prey.

Tuesday 8 May 2018

end of spring

I take a step back and stare at you
you who used to be like my skin
covering my body
so close
now so alien

I take a step back and stare at you
your promises ringing
all those small and quiet words
all lies

I take a step and stare at you
you who seem to have forgotten
of me

I guess we're seasonal
and like flowers do,
bound to wither...

now that spring is almost gone
you too have left me

so I take a step back and look at you
one last time


Tuesday 3 April 2018

bathroom floor [incomplete]

bathroom floor 
at 1am
staring into the darkness
which reaches out from the sink

bathroom floor
at 1am
reaching for the drain plug
from the tub

bathroom floor
at 1am
watching the sparks
going out of me

bathroom floor
at 1am
wondering what good
to have them all starting fires

bathroom floor 
at 1am
a shell on the shelf
whispers of lost oceans,
liquids quickly gulped down
just last week

bathroom floor
at 1am
the walls crumbling down
stone after stone
at the emptiness ahead
before turning 
into dust

bathroom floor
at 1am
who am I ?
what have I done
to put out the fire?

bathroom floor
at 1am
maybe I should just get up

Monday 2 April 2018

type of wrong

center of me burns
begging for water
a hurricane to wash over
destroy and resurrect

submerge this fire
let if sizzle
like the sun does
at dusk

and when it's drowned
when it stops breathing
take your hands
and let it go

it goes and goes and goes
falling liquidly
while the universe reverses

and planets, stars
they all align
and it floats through space
the big blue

they said it's darkness
that shines
but they've never seen
so much light

and as it travels
it loses track
of all that matters

there's the fire

take my fire
and kill it, I asked.
don't give it wilderness
for it expands

consuming me.