Monday 1 June 2015


seek me through the grass
and adorn me with light
and silvery kisses.

i am long asleep
laying on my bed
rocked by a sea of dreams
and arms
and arms
and arms

and i dream of you
of you and you
and nothing else but you.

the road is long
and there's no flower
and no sun
to keep me breathing
while i follow you 
across the sea
across the universe
across all stars...

your footsteps are too big
for my worn out shoes
and i fear
your shadow is too dense
for me to breathe
through its smoke

the wind is singing
a love song
all flowers bending
in my dream where you
oh you
you smile so dearly
your back
oh your back
is now turned on me

i run
like crashing waves
and fall 
into your distance...
and the wind is whispering
to the moon
and the muffled sun
is suffering

i run
like yellow on crops
in summer
like green on forests
in spring
like shadows on snow
in winter
the wind withers me
like leaves on a tree
in autumn

across the water
resting your feet
into the icy coldness
of a creek
you are
oh you are
in darkness bathed
spears of sunshine
not piercing
you being alive
or dead
or immortal
or alone

lingering burden 
no longer do you follow
your master

cannon balls
no longer do you thwart
his walk

and where do i belong
in all of these
am i the shoes
in his feet
his shadow
on his back
his sun
on the sky
his moon
in the lake
the flow of
at the back of the mind

his smile 
lonely star of night
on obsidian 
unwoven canopy

i lain my hair
in dirt
i am the roots
of all dreams
overflowing sea
of burning suns
that do not die
nor live
but exist 
like lies
of white yarn
i do not hurt
i keep him 
all together

sea with sea 
crash together
in a pond
i pour myself
until there's nothing left
my heart
the fog
and all fireflies
burning like
ten thousand suns

i am a harbor.

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