Monday 8 June 2015


forgive my unworthy self
for reaching for you

i bear your slap
like a warrior his wounds
i wrap it in bloody laps
but the burn just won't go away
from my heart

these pills
happy pills
will bring a new tomorrow
when today is nothing but mud
at the bottom of a pool

these pills
if i were to swallow
i think they'd make you happy
knowing i left
drifted to another self

these pills
will make you master
while i'll fall in disgrace
like flowers from a sick tree
i will not finish my blooming

these pills
will build me a ladder 
to all skies if i reach
wouldn't make me happier
than having left you behind

in this silence i know
you are but a shadow
the road is wide enough
for us to pass
shoulder by shoulder

and as you brush past me
i'll see your back
and stars will all dawn
but at least i'll be alone
with only myself

and i do not call out the darkness of mind

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