Tuesday 3 September 2013

You and Me, Against the World

I'm so fucking mad right now.
I'm so fucking, incredibly mad right now that it's actually a miracle the keyboard is still intact!
And you.
And you glass wall.
And your blank expression.
And your fucking mood swings that make me wanna flip a table like in the those movies for chicks I had you watch.
I hate you. I hate you so much right now, that just seeing you online in my list makes me wanna pass my hand through the screen and punch some Goddamn good sense into you!
You said you liked my confession, that the words were just right for you to perfectly understand my point. And then you went 'hey-na-na-na!' to heck knows where and my online list was like the Wild West with dust piling on it like on grandma's panties. I didn't even get the chance to bit my farewell or curse you so that your left foot become right and you turn into a complete idiot with boogers hanging from your nose tip. I didn't even get to press sent to my message 'cause the power was shut and when I finally got to flip my bird at the screen, you were gone.
Gone you were and the status of your profile sounded something like: "Gone to Hell.". Well, have a safe trip and make sure you don't get some Captain Winky hooks stuck in your ass, you brick head!
I hate you so much right now that I feel like Pikachu after being completely charged. I hate you so much that this Pikachu can't evolve to Raichu anymore. 
I hate you, I really do! I had to cover so many fields in Chemistry just to have the balls to say all those things to you and you were just a chill hippie, smiling like an idiot behind your wall of glass.
And then you appear. PUF! Like a fucking magical mushroom or something, you're back on top of my online list. Speaking of the cherry on top of the cake, what's up with the status, you odd creature?
"Since when they're no longer selling stellar dust at the shop from the corner of the street?! Gosh, I feel old..."
What kind of sorcery is this?! What hit you in the head?! 'Cause you make me remember the odd times when you came back and handed me an empty jar: "100% golden stellar dust," you smiled like a freak, "trust me, I'm the best at this." And I believed you. How could have I not when you were wearing that rag of a smile on your unshaved face that looked like it had been slapped by a bear or something? How could I not be happy when you were like the last brownie on the plate that I got to eat when no one was looking?
I trusted you.
And now you're back with that unoriginal pick-up line and somehow it doesn't feel right like before. It's... like a cloudy sky during a sunny summer, like a green apple when all the others are a perfect yellow or red. It's like you without a profile pic of some random chick so that no one bothers you, like me without the headsets on and singing out loud. It's like you not flying to see me on my birthday, like me not throwing cubes of ice at you during the summer.
It's odd and completely freaky.
Have you lost yourself? Has the world finally got to your brain and smacked your dreams from behind? Have you turned blind from all the light of the flashlight I forgot under your bed? Have you gone and saw the bad of the world we both ran away from? Have you been hurt during your trip? Have you suffered in thirst or hunger with no one by your side?
Man, this is really unfair, you know?! I was supposed to be completely mad at you and ignore you for the rest of my life, but there you are, sulking on your chair with some food on the desk you haven't touched yet. It's a heartbreaking scenery, really now!
Wait, wait for it, ok, now I've done it:
I'm running to you, to your side, can you see me? Will you stop being sad now, please?! I even put on my special effects and this cape, only to make you snap out of the trace and become the you I know you are. 
I am SuperKat and I'm running to be your saviour 'cause I know the world is bad, that it's unfair, unjust, totally fucking you up from behind. I know that, trust me. I know it's painful when they step on your dreams, when they no longer sell stellar dust at the corner of the street, when the umbrellas are no longer red and yellow but a mild green, when all the others have grown up and no longer understand your gibberish. I know. But that's why I'm here, isn't it?
'Cause what would I be without you if not an odd missing pair of an even stranger duet? What would the summers be without us cooling inside with icy water drank directly from bottle 'cause we're that baddass? What would the evenings be without our usual quarrels over who gets to shut the PC first? What would the nights be without the sky above for us both to see at the same time? What would the waking up early in the morning be without me knowing you're on the other side of the screen, providing a good entertainment with your awkward camp songs?
We're a pair, you know? We're half of the both apple, you and me. You're the super sophisticated phone while I am the leather case that comes along as protection. I'm Harry and you're Hermione; the books wouldn't be the same without our friendship. You're the vanilla half that is making me sick, but is a total eye delight to whomever get to look at it. I'm the pages of your novel while you come as those hard, super fancy covers that make the book more expensive than a bandage.
We're a pair. We'd look odd apart and the world would probably be a better place, but even so, I don't want to give peace a chance if it means I have to let go of your hand.
We're a pair. So let me put my SuperKat outfit just for you and prove you that I've got super powers, alright?
We're a pair. So let me be the superhero this time and save you from those deep water you pulled me out so many times before. It's my turn to act all brave, ok? 'Cause I even took extra swimming classes just for you...
We're a pair, my darling, so even if the whole world turns against you, I'd still stick around to hold your hand and beg for some mega tickling attacks.
We're a pair, Mister-I-don't-really-give-a-fuck, and even when the sky will be on fire, I'll be your forever awkward stalker.
So, chin up, alright?
'Cause, dude,

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