Sunday 1 September 2013

Three 'Dudettes': To Infinity and Beyond!

"Dudette, where the fuck are you?!"
"Sleeping... what do you want at this hour?!"
"At this hour?! It's freakin' 2pm! Why are you sleeping at this hour?"
"Speak fast 'cause I might fall asleep."
"Right... oh, oh! We should meet tomorrow like we usually do. We go get the donuts and the pretzels without rushing since the teacher ain't coming for first class."
"Oh, fine. One day I can sleep like a normal person without waking up with the sunrise and that's when you're in mood for morning walks. Fine, I'll be there. Meet you at 6:30 in the bus station..."

Hey, Dudette!
So, September's here, huh? Already, huh? And to think that this time last year we were crying for more holidays days 'cause summer seemed to have flown by us without much happening. And school would start and no more sleeping till late, no more meetings at work, no more planning pick up lines for the hunks we were so sure we'd meet as soon as we'd go back to 'prison'.
And look at us now, all grown up, preparing for uni and we don't even know what awaits for us ahead. Or at least, I don't LOL.
So, September, huh? It's strange knowing that school starts on the 16th and we won't be there to buy flowers and just, you know, be excited for what we'll hate an entire year. I never thought I'd say this, but I wish we could go back to being simple high schooler for just one more day... or a year if you think that I'm feeling really down right now because of uni housing... The song from 'Liceenii' wasn't so wrong after all? But who would have thought that when everything was building up hatefully in front of me?
Anyway, thanks, dudette! For what you ask? Well, for being my friend, my desk mate, for taking my bullshit and throwing rock at me now and then, for listening to my k-spazz, for letting me copy your French homework, for sharing your food with me, for sharing your water with me, for letting me doodle your copybooks, for letting me drag you to the Copy Center just because well, I was kind of crushing on the guy there? 
Yeah, big thanks for being my best friend, dudette! 
Let's stay best friends even when we'll have families on our own and let's make our kids hand out even if they hate it, just because we remember how evil we used to be in high school.
And let's remember that we were plain stupid and falling on corridors, that we used to stalk guys and hate teachers. Let's make our children be super geniuses and hide them just how dorky we were together when we'd spill nonsense to everyone who had ears to hear us out.
Let's just be awesome in the future as well!
Ain't this awkward, hehehe...

"Let's meet for a pizza."
"My cousin is coming as well with a friend. Behave."
"You know I hate your cousin. I hate him to the guts! We almost fist fought last time we met. Do you want blood to be spilled?! What friend are you?!"
"He'll behave. You behave as well!"
"I can't promise you anything if he steps on my tail though..."

Hey there, Dudette?
If we weren't that close this past year, I'm blaming on your stupid phone and stupid phone network, you know? Why didn't you bought a prepay? Huh? Huh? Huh?
Nevermind that now.
So, you and I are going away in the pretty much same direction, huh? Aren't you scared at all? 'Cause I'm shitting my pants every time I think about sharing my room with two other persons... I mean, you know I hate people and that people hate me because I'm loud and obnoxious, I always find something to brag about, I get easily pissed off and am a total bipolar persons.
Why can't you be one of my roommates?! 'Cause you'd definitely practice some karate moves on me or something like that and send me to sleep instantly. Or maybe you could bribe me with your grandma's cookies (say thanks from me, by the way)... I wish you could come with me, dear.
Yeah, dear, when will we meet? How? Hope you'll come home in October 'cause I'm turning 19 unlike other elders around here...
Anyhow, thanks, dudette!
For what?
Well, I wrote all that in the year book, but once again, thanks for putting up with the difficult me all this time. And thanks for always being kind even when I would annoy the crap out of you and for taking care of me, for hugging me when you know I hate physical approach, for being disgustingly sweet, for learning all the curses from us, for not minding me being evil around you, for taking my side or for kicking my sides from time to time. Grazie for all of that and for all the others you know and won't be mentioned here!
You're awesome! And stay like that, alright?
And thanks for reading my stories and giving me awesome feedback, making me fangirl over you! Thanks for being like that - true to yourself no matter what.
So, let's meet over year with the other dudette and our kids and make them take crap from us without them knowing how crazy and incredible funny/stupid we used to be as a trio. Let's make them suffer and be brilliant while we were just average, but still happy. Let's make them be best friends like we are. I promise to marry my boy with your daughter if that matters LOL I'll marry my girl with the other dudette's boy, 'cause a if she was to be a man, I swear to you she would have been something to stick to like glue LOL
So, bye but not forever, ok?
Let's meet often and keep in touch in the future as well, no matter where we'll be (promise to haunt you two if I die before time ^.~)


'Cause we were that super trio that managed to scare the 'Be my ghost.'...

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