Monday 2 September 2013

Prince Charming

A girl wait for one thing her whole life: Prince Charming to come and sweep them off their feet and hop them on the back on their white horse/Ferarri. So, she's currently look for...
A man strong as ten, a man to fight wind and rain, a man to come as shelter when all the others have proved to be just plastic and fake.
A man who would hold her hand 'cause kissing in the street at the first date is a no-no, even if she wishes for it with her whole body.
A man who would buy her flowers every single day until she gets an allergy, 'cause that's the trend she saw in movies: good guys buy flowers, bad boys steal the virginity.
A man that wouldn't tease her for talking gibberish when excited or when sleepy, a man that wouldn't laugh at her messed hair style and forever hold her hands for the world to see how lucky she is.
A man with a kind heart and a wide opened wallet, ready to buy her ice-cream in the middle of the night and whatnot since she's the princess of his life and she deserves the best or whatever her hearts wishes for.
A man that would totally ditch his friends and his beer and go running to her side every time the phone rings, just because she saw an itsy-bitsy tiny spider in the bathroom while she was taking a poop.
A man that would totally look like David Beckham whenever he'd take off his shirt (wearing t-shirts is too mainstream for her) and still blush, be unconvinced that he's a complete hunk.
A man that would build her the dream house and never make her lift a finger, a man that would cook, clean, wash dishes, take the dog for a walk, take in all her crap, listen to her favourite band, paint her nails, brush her hair, buy her tampons, making sure he always put the toilet seat down after peeing 'cause the princess might get hurt otherwise, always compliment her over her fashion sense, accept pink stuff around just because it's her favourite colour.
Well, let me tell you something, princess: you're probably going to wait forever and a day and totally miss out the perfect guy!
I would totally love a guy who would kiss me during the first date and make me feel butterflies even though I'd probably get mad/ turn bright red/ throw a tantrum/ make a scene or kiss him back.
I wouldn't want a guy to bring me flowers every single fucking day because I'd probably get sick of them and my reaction will slowly grow to be just "Meh, flowers..." instead of "You brought me flowers! How sweet of you!".
I'd appreciate a good contradicting-argument with him and would totally fall even more for him if he'd be a complete tease, instead of sugar coating everything I do and holding my hand even when I'm sweaty and feel like he shouldn't touch me.
A normal guy would be the best, to know me, to know when to ignore me, to know when to give me space. A normal guy that would buy me presents just for my birthday, 'cause we both know money don't grow on trees. A man with a golden heart hid underneath a bad boy's teasing.
I'd love a cry-baby, 'cause I'd know it's because he's not iron-made and just humanly giving in to the pressure. 

I'd love a total goof-ball, 'cause he'd know how to make me laugh when it's raining outside and I didn't brought an umbrella.

And above anything, I'd appreciate a guy that would be the totally opposite from me and yet still echo a tiny bit of me when he's asleep, a guy that's himself in everything he does and says, a guy that has his moments of silence and is a complete bully when I talk gibberish because I just saw my favourite band live, a man that would make me argue with him over putting down the toilet seat because it's the small things that really matter, a man that would be so bad with pastel colours that we'd have to call our parents over to help us paint the walls, a man that would hate pink just as much as I do, a man that would insist on taking the dog out together because he'd get bored, a man that would know how to say "I'm in love with you." when the right time comes...
I don't look for the perfect man or anything like Prince Charming 'cause I know that when the right person will appear, I'd be in love with every single flaw he has, as well as appreciate that's he's just... there, next to me, holding my hand.
So, princess, how about my Prince Charming type? Doesn't he sound more real than yours?

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  1. I don't want Prince Charming
    I want a certain hallyu singer :3