Thursday 8 August 2013

Dear 'Grey's Anatomy',

Thank you.
Thank you for all the great moments you gave me, for keeping me up late at night just to watch a new episode, for making me laugh after the midnight, for showing me scenarios that could destroy lives and stories about love, trust, betrayal, soulmates.
Thank you for making my heart beat faster, for making me think about the last monologue at the end of the episode.
But please, please stop breaking my heart! Season 8's last episode, "Flight", made me cry like a baby in front of the screen. With one hand I was covering my mouth so that I wouldn't wake up my sleeping parents and with the other I was trying to keep away the tears that kept on rolling down my cheeks, blurring my vision and making me incapable of seeing clearly the scene of the devastate plane, of the blood dirtying the clothes of our dear characters.
And then, then you decided to give me the final blow: you killed the one love that actually made me giggle like a lil' kid. 'Cause while I admire and wish for a love like Derek and Meredith's, Lexie and Mark were the ones that made me giggle at their silliness. But no, you decided I was better off without them, right?

But either way, thank you for teaching me that a love is stronger than anything else - family, friends, fights and silly quarrels. That love survives and gives you courage for the most amazing confessions.

And for the heartbreaking scenes? I'm not thankful for those...

As for the greatest friendships you shown me - what would all of these stories be if there wasn't someone to share them with?

And you know what's strange? That I still watched watched all those episodes only to get to this one, knowing from all the others what's awaiting for me. Quite a masochist, right? But perhaps I had to see it for myself to believe that it was indeed a hell for a fan of the show, perhaps I had to see it for myself in order to believe that some of them will go away like Izzie and George did, like Denny and Henry, like the dog and Meredith's unborn baby. Maybe this was the way for the fan in me to believe that there will no longer be Lexie & Mark in the future... too bad though. They were great!
But even so, I have to thank you, "Grey's Anatomy", for being the first adult show that woke some sort of interest in me. And for all the years that passed ever since I got to watch the first episode... thank you!

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  1. Love this show. Been watching it since season 1. Christina's my fave character, I just love her personality and how loyal she's to Meredith. I was super sad when Lexie and Mark died TT_TT I always hate last episodes of seasons since usually someone dies or something really bad happens to my favorite characters.