Wednesday 31 July 2013

One Dad, One Talk

Once upon a time, there was a girl. And this girl had a dad - a man with dark hair slowly turning white, a man wearing a big, dark mustache shading the thick lips.
One evening, as the two of them gathered around the table for dinner, the man stopped eating and just looked at his daughter.
"Tell me, what do you wish from your boyfriend?" He suddenly asked, making the girl stare at him.
She never had a boyfriend in the real sense of the word: a guy to be sweet to her, a guy to hold her hand and just be by her side no matter what.
"What do you mean with that?" She showed a confused smile.
"I mean, what do you wish he had? A car, a house, money?"
"If it's really a must that I chose, then a house," the girl answered after a moment of thinking. "It wouldn't be bad if he had a house of his own."
"A house? Why? All girls want a boyfriend with a car so that they can finally stop taking the bus," the man smiled, probably remembering how he got his old car to win over some other girl than the girl's mother. 
"I don't."
"And why's that?"
"I prefer knowing he went to a party by bus or by train or by any other mean of transport except for personal car. If he had a car, I would probably be worried to death every time he'd get on the driver's seat, thinking that he hit someone while driving drunk or something. Or even worse, that he died after crashing into a pole or jumped off the bridge because some idiot crashed into him. So, better a house than a car."
"Then you should wish for a boyfriend that doesn't drink," the dad laughed, giving a thought to what the girl just said.
"No, a man should drink occasionally. I don't like cars, especially when my loved ones are in them. So, no, I wouldn't like my boyfriend to have a car. I think I would cope better with a break up, than having to break up because he died in a car accident. Plus, a house means he doesn't live with his parents..."
Once upon a time, there was this girl that wished for a guy who would think of her own mental sanity before getting inside his personal car. Because she loved him in a present where he was just an idea of the future that was yet to come...

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