Friday 16 March 2018

in my veins

what does it feel like to love you - have your fingertips brushing against my skin: ocean of music notes washing away all sound
what does it feel like to have you staring from within the darkness: strip me down of this crushing fear and never be able to look away
what does it feel like to breathe you in and breathe you out: intoxicate my soul with you
and you whirl, whirl your way down into me
poisonous smoke
illusion of a promised redemption

I walk to you as if you're open doors of the church
when you're nothing but a curtain dancing in the wind
masking darkness

I walk to you stripped of all of me,
holding onto my soul
and willingly giving it away while singing 'hallelujah'

my soul from my hand into yours
from my chest into yours
as you gulp it down as if holy water

and as I am emptied of myself
you pour yourself into me, 

your tongue burns - thousands whips
perversely scribbling onto me
an earthly name

biting teeth battle for my flesh
my blood drop by drop
blossoms onto my skin

I use daggers
and carve out constellations
my entire universe

you run deeper, faster
than I can chase
through my veins

inside my veins
I cannot scratch you out

come out, undone
I too break 
into shadows

black hole
of space continuum
swallows me

a shell.

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