Wednesday 8 November 2017


anatomy of a lie
decomposing what once was truth
lying open for all eyes to see,
to judge it for what it is

and pull the covers
make it dark
hide away my dissected heart
don't stare at its anatomy
for my disease is you

and even if it's cold
it's still my heart
you stare at so coldly
unimpressed at its fighting
against you

as if asleep and dreaming
you stare
head tilted, a soft rise of chest
proving you're not as dead
as the heart you're staring down at

dissected it still bleeds
as if rushing blood to flushing cheeks
it fights the scalpel
stuck to biting binding
muffled to mute

and its anatomy exposed
for all to see
reveals a deadly illness:
you're everywhere
in every cell

cancerously spreading
you live
you laugh
from atria to ventricles,
you dance, you, you, you...

and somewhere else
a sigh escapes my lips
for now it's on my sleeve
my heart
and its sweet disease

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