Tuesday 20 May 2014

Kat - The Reviewer's Introduction

Ok, so, who are you after all? 
I'm Kat, the possessor of this 'wonderful blog', a writer, dreamer, singer in bathroom, kid when it comes to candies, an incurable romantic during the night and lately, a very dedicated reviewer.
Oh, and a student! Let's not forget I'm still depending on my teachers. 선생님,잘 부탁합니다!~~

What do you review? 
Dramas. Korean dramas I really enjoy. Oh, and music albums. Of course, Korean albums.

Why only Korean dramas and music?Do we want to go there? Do we really want to get down to that topic? :))
Well, keeping the long story short, I am a k-addict, meaning I heave a sweet tooth for Korean culture, which, in this case, implies watching dramas and listening to Korean music apart from learning the language (which I do, really^^). I mostly review dramas that have a great impact on me and which make me want to start a debate over their topic, or which have characters that make me go all gaga over them :)) You know the feeling, right?

What have you reviewed till now?
In matter of music, I remember talking about Beast's last album (How to Love), SHINee's last 2 albums (Misconceptions of You & Misconceptions of Me) and G-Dragon's 'Coup D'Etat', about which I still wonder where did I get the courage to review it taking that YG artists are so popular (the review for this GD's album is on this blog if you're curious on what I had to say about it).
As for dramas, I can only talk about 'Empress Ki' as an almost reviewed-by-episode drama I watched. It started as a game, to vent my frustrations on the characters, but in the end it was more than that and I discovered I actually enjoyed writing about it in an informal way, challenging people to take part in the conversation since it was all made as statuses on my FB profile :)

Any plans to review any of the airing dramas?
To be honest, I wasn't going to watch any of those or review them. But then I started watching 'Doctor Stranger' and everything went to hell! *-* I mean, I just couldn't stop myself from fan-girling over the characters and over the plot that swept me off my feet! Just WOW! I highly recommend it to all drama lovers out there!

How do you write your reviews? Any plans you're following?
Are my reviews recaps of episodes? Well, kind of, sort of, but no. I write them to cool my head and to vent my feelings on what's happening in an episode. And since I don't assume everyone saw the episode, I try not to give spoilers on major events and mostly pick on feelings and the expressiveness of the actors and how well they make their characters come to life. So, no plans to follow, I just write whatever comes into my mind.

Lastly, do you take requests?
For music albums, I am, why not? I pretty much listen to anything that means k-pop, so yeah, feel free to ask for a review if you have on in mind^^
When it comes to dramas... well, the thing is that I'm picky when it comes to stories and actors, so it's usually hard. But if it's a good drama, without any noona-dongsaeng romantic relationships, yeah, sure, I'll give it a try!

So, this was me aka Kat and an introduction on me as a reviewer - a very briefly one :D Hope you'll enjoy my reviews and leave feedback!
Thank you!

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