Tuesday 26 November 2013

Part I: She

She - a pair of hands lost in too deep pockets, soaked in fragments of icy shards.
She - two eyes, always looking around with fear, always looking down before anyone could read her clouded mind.
She - a flowery dress worn-out, holes showing bruised skin and blue veins pierced here and there.
She - a pool of teddy bears and balls, a world of wonders where you could get yourself lost if you'd have the courage to stay around long enough for her to let you in.
She - the magic brought from the North, the lights, the cold, the warmth and the soft breeze of a still ocean that hides deep waters under its tranquility.
She - so much warmth that it feels like the center of the Earth moved inside of her rib cage; and nobody would receive it from her.
She - a smile bitten down to blood, hidden behind silenced words.
She - the book that never got to be read because the title wasn't that interesting.
She - an old soul that got lost on its way and remained still for a second to rest, then forgetting the feeling of moving around for eons.
She - centuries of romance written in her eyes and on the hems of her skirts.
She - never remembered, never quite forgotten, always misplaced, never fully understood.
She - the one woman that owned the Heaven and Earth together, the one woman that set them apart.
She - bruises and tears, all fragments of the past brought together in one single, trembling heart; and she's supposed to be fine.
She - a lullaby she'd sing only after midnight, when all demons are out and watching from the corners of her uneven broken heart.
She - a collection of troubles and smiles thrown away.
She - a heart full of desire and dreams.
She had only one and one heart only and even that she gave it away as a present on one snowy day...

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