Friday 10 March 2017


adrift in blue
the moon above shifts into sun
he eyes opened on white
calmness swirling all around
her hair - coagulated blood on magical blue
her white gown - the virginal foam of dead waves
her whole being - wasted stardust...

adrift in blue
the stars above go left and right
but none shines as she floats away
betrayed with her eyes wide awake
she left all reason
abandoned her will
while pulled apart by water

adrift in blue
she forgot the Sun is a star as well
horizon ahead - close, closer yet far, far away
gentle currents pierce her back together
and yet she's losing it slowly

adrift in blue
her mind tries going back where the body can't
faster - the universe is spinning backwards
slower - her body floats endlessly
such disaster her body couldn't take it
while the mind kept fighting

adrift in blue
running away
she's there where she's being seen
but suddenly no longer
submerged in the azure
she disappears within the tricky serenity

adrift in blue
you can no longer see her
but she's there
and chills go down your spine
as you know you bathed in her tears
as you understand that tranquility is her whole soul
and you try to swim away...
but oh, how she calls
deceptive, her eyes
always awake underneath the endless blue
you just cannot look away
and the horizon blue copy of the sky above

adrift in blue
she emerges without a sound
still instilled with stillness
decaying numb body
pulled apart by an agile mind
but she'd do it all again

that drowning.

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