Wednesday 1 June 2016

silver wolf

silver wolf
sniffing the snow in search of prey
howls for the moon
but she stays hidden
while an entire pack soon answers

they're all there
all looking, all sniffing
searching and looking for trouble
while the blizzard is blinding them all
the wind carrying their cries

silver wolf 
surrounded by his pack
sees their shadows
like mirror
reflecting their hallow souls

one is darker than the other
but all are defeated
when the moon rises high
on the starry sky
only if she'd rise

silver wolf
cries for his own shadow
hidden by trees
and gets surrounded
by his own folk

silver wolf
can see their black eyes
questioning his calling
but the howl's in his throat
and once again he calls with no answer

silver wolf
surrounded by his entire pack
offered a bloody prize
watch with hungry eyes
turns his back on them

dark is the forest
that hides him from them
frozen is the air around him
as he walks and walks and walks
further from them and him and the moon that doesn't answer

numb are his senses
and number they get with every step
paw in front of paw
following a path known only by him
howling no more

silver wolf
carries a different heart
that's been over the big waters
that's heard the swallows sing
witnessed the fall of his own spirit

silver wolf
lonely creature surrounded by his folk
was lonelier than alone
without the moon above
and all the pack around him

and like exiled
he chose the storm
to shelter his mind
from the thick darkness
taking over his mind

numb he went into the darkness
of the ancient forest
numb he bit his tongue
to trap in his howls
numb he disappeared

his tracks lost
his soul lost
lonesome wolf
he lost himself
in the forest that grew on the inside

his howl lost
his graze lost
lonesome wolf
he sought himself
in the solitude of but himself

the forest enclosed him
his mind
separating him from his pack
the steadily turned wildlings
walking on two in the shadows

silver wolf
lonesome wolf
circled the hole that had grown in him
and dived in its darkness
embracing his now found shadow

and as the pack forgot
he grew indeed wild
inside the forest of his mind
as the moon shone down
not piercing his new found shadow

silver wolf
solitary wildling
with dense shadow
no longer needed the pack
and rested forgotten as he forgot as well

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