Saturday 17 January 2015

Locked doors

In an enclosed place
With lots of locked doors.
I alone sit in an open space,
My box of secrets scattered,
Unlocked and unsafe...

And still, those who come in
Intrigued by the locked doors
Sit in front of them for hours,
Pass by me, ignore my open self
For the darkness behind the locks.

They come and come,
Crowds of people come and go
And not a single one looks at me
At how I wear myself bare
Of secrets,
Of scars,
Of feelings of disdain. 

How can a locked door
Be more appealing to you
Than I who shows herself like this?
I could take your unimpressed looks
But this ignorance, as if there is no I
As if my open space is just a loop,
A void hole where sight cannot reach...

And I would tell you everything,
Feelings put in words,
Scars in monochrome lights,
If you'd only look at me,
In my eyes...
If only you'd see me,
For who I am
And take this void inside
And fill it with something else
Than bitterness and disappointment.

If only...
But you're just like any other crowd
Aren't you?
You come and go
Only interested in those locked doors.

But there's only darkness locked away
So that I can be safe with only myself.
My monsters, my demons, my howls,
Should I just release them all?
For your entertainment
I'd do it all...

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